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About the Fabulous Me Campaign

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With the advancement of technology the internet has become a widely used tool for healthcare guidance. The Fabulous Me campaign is designed to enhance your health care search by being your go to source for emergency medicine education. We go a step beyond your average campaign by enhancing your knowledge on treatment options, injury prevention and by providing healthcare cost saving tips.

The campaign was developed with the knowledge that over 77 million US adults have basic or below basic health literacy skills. Reading the label on a prescription bottle and doing the math to figure out how much medicine to take or give is a struggle for many. For this reason, many people are not able to understand much of the written medical information provided through the internet.

The Fabulous Me campaign features entertaining videos and interactive pictures books that have been created and reviewed by some of the very best healthcare providers and literacy specialists. This basic and easy to understand method doubles our chances of providing you with an educational experience you will remember and use. This in turn enhances your ability to care for yourself and make wise healthcare choices for your family.

As the healthcare system evolves and grows, it’s important for you to learn how to use it effectively. We can help. The Fabulous Me Campaign is all about YOU and your family staying Healthy, Fabulous and ER free!

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